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Decisions Create Destiny!!

WARRIOR TRANSITION COACHING Soldiers and First Responders tend to be natural protectors, shielding the people they care about from their struggles. Unfortunately, this often creates a distance between them that grows over time, leaving our Veterans and First responders unable to reach out for the support they need when they need it the most. There aren’t many places for them to go outside the home either, we are told to suck it up and the army didn’t issue feelings. Men and women who spent their adult lives working in disciplined teams with delicate equipment suddenly find themselves in a job market where military skills are often not recognized. After a job where priorities were following orders, protecting others and staying alive, it’s common among warriors to feel unfulfilled and aimless after leaving the military, The Police or Fire department. I help warriors define what gave their service personal meaning and use that to help them plan a future they can be proud of. It is about looking at our core beliefs systems, the values we move towards and the values we move away from.  It is in understanding human needs psychology and becoming our own practical psychologist’s that we can take back our power.  I believe that our best resource available to us is our own resourcefulness.  I truly believe that there is unlimited power and potential within all of us to rise above our circumstances in life and change our story. A professional athlete uses a coach to make them better. As your Transition coach I will meet with you for two 30 minute appointments twice per month and we will set goals.  I will hold you accountable and help you push through the rough times. This is my promise to you. I am not your guru, I cannot heal you. I can show you how to use your own power, your very neuro system as well as update your current operating system that you are currently using to think.  It’s about learning not to react to the conditions or your life.  You are not what happens to you and you are not your past unless you choose to live there.  Decision making is a skill and Decisions create our destiny. I will teach you how to live intentionally and empower you to understand what motivates you to grow. Many aspects of ‘getting out’ can pose challenges you weren’t expecting: your differences in responsibility, day-to-day routine, financial situation to name a few. My coaching will help you build concrete plans to find that personal meaning again and create a compelling future that pulls you forward. When entering the civilian world, many Vets are struck by the relative lack of camaraderie, structure, goals, and responsibility. It’s not unusual to end up feeling isolated and alone as a result.  Common transition difficulties covered in my Transition Coaching • Broken connections with family or friends. • Dissatisfaction with civilian workplaces. • Feeling on edge, irritated, or angry often. • Having trouble sleeping and staying focused. • Feeling down or unmotivated for weeks to months. • Avoiding public places or crowds of people. • Seeking out the adrenaline rush of dangerous situations. What is a Mental Health and Veteran Transition Coach? As a Mental Health and Veteran Transition coach, I have studied, and I am certified in the Robbins-Madanes strategic intervention coaching. I intimately understand what happens in your brain during a major life transition. Although some transitions are rites of passage, for veterans this process can be difficult as they leave their tribal world and move into a world that is less directed.  In the military you were taken away you’re your friends and family, often moved to another area of the country and then you are indoctrinated into a new system of beliefs and rules.  Everyone knew their place, when to talk and even when to take vacation.  When Veterans transition their needs are slightly different than that of a transitioning civilian.  This is a stressful time and it is especially challenging if the transition is compounded with mental health.  I have been there myself, got the T-shirt and been able to overcome many of these challenges.  Success leaves clues and I want to share my success in transitioning with others to help veterans and First responders from around the country.  I am also a Veteran with tour experience and 25 years of serving in the military and this is comforting for most of my clients because it is a simple concept.  Veterans helping veterans because Veterans understand veterans. #VeteranStrong

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