Full Moon Healing cleanse



The full moon healing Cleanse is for releasing the negative energy in our lives that no longer serves us. Addiction to drugs, Alcohol and food, relinquishing suffering involved from past hurtful relationships. It helps to clear energy blockages help to discharge physical and emotional pain.

Grand Mother Moon Helps us:


1. Learn to flush your system of Anger and Stress

2. Create a sustained feeling of general well-being and Happiness

3. Build power to deal with the negative people and influences in your life

We conduct cleansing walks and run seminars during full  Moons. Message us today to request more in formation @ pathfinderstrategiesnb1@gmail.com 

We will be posting a schedule of up coming Full Moon events here. The next one is at the Maliseet Trail. We will be walking into Hay falls to conduct the ceremony on the 17th of June 2019. Meeting at the parking area for 6 pm.