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Living in a Beautiful State

Executive Master Coaching  Pathfinder Strategies offers an Executive Master  Coaching training. This is for the 1% of top executives who want to take their entire life to the next level. This training is focused on  Leadership, Planning, the Wim Hof Method, Relationships, Energy work and Emotional Intelligence.  We also get into long term financial planning  to achieve the dreams of abundance we desire. This is not coaching for  the average entrepreneur or transitioning veteran who is looking for  help starting out. This is a year long program that takes self  discipline and dedication. I only work with people who are 100%  committed to changing their lives. I guarantee that after a year, your  life will never be the same. You will have more energy, more health and  love in your life. My goal is that after one year you will have learned  to live everyday in a beautiful state, living intentionally with more  energy, love and passion than you ever thought existed. This level of  training takes commitment and it is my premier training as I only take a few clients on per year in my Executive Master Coaching from around the world. I have worked with top executives and CEOS from North America,  Asia and the Middle East. You will fly out to New Brunswick and spend three days and nights in immersion training with me. Then for one year we will meet online every week  for a one-hour video conferencing where we will do a coaching session  that will set you on fire, fill you up with passion and help you create  the life you of your dreams. A decision requires action. Courage is a  decision and I trust that you have the fortitude and courage to take  your life to the next level. I look forward to helping you transform  into the best version you can imagine of yourself!

Coaching Questionaire

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