Create a beautiful life

Coaching Packages


1. Elite Coaching Package - This is a 3 Month coaching program where you will have 3 appointments per month over the next three months. This is for those clients that need a new start in their life. They want to take their business sales or their personal romance to the next level. I will help you as a fellow man navigate through the weight of responsibility that we feel on our shoulders. I will show you how several mindset shifts will let you live the life you have dreamed of. One of joy, love and passion! If you are hungry and are committed to real change then this package is for you.  

2. Veteran transition Coaching - This is a Month to Month program in which you will get two coaching sessions per month to help you transition into a life of your choosing. As a Mental Health and Veteran Transition coach, I have studied, and I am certified in the Robbins-Madanes strategic intervention coaching. I intimately understand what happens in your brain during a major life transition. Although some transitions are rites of passage, for veterans this process can be difficult as they leave their tribal world and move into a world that is less directed.  In the military you were taken away you’re your friends and family, often moved to another area of the country and then you are indoctrinated into a new system of beliefs and rules.  Everyone knew their place, when to talk and even when to take vacation.  When Veterans transition their needs are slightly different than that of a transitioning civilian.