A Short History


Todd Holmes was born in Toronto Ontario in 1974 as the son of an Irish Immigrant. He joined the Canadian Armed Forces as an Infantry soldier in 1991 starting with the Queens Own Rifles of Canada while still in High school. Within that first year he was hand picked to attend fast track leadership training and became a sergeant in the reserves by the age of 21. Transferring to the regular army he then joined the Royal Canadian Regiment and served for many years as a paratrooper. Todd became a highly specialized commando and was trained as a Canadian Army elite Patrol Pathfinder. He has an adventurous spirit loving variety in life and switched career paths in the military several times. Todd transferred to the Airforce and became a Fire Fighter, served with the Navy and doubled his role by becoming a specialized Navy diver. After the War in Afghanistan broke out heavily in 2006 Todd transferred back to the infantry and served on two back to back tours in Afghanistan. During his tours he worked in highly specialized roles including coaching and mentoring elite Afghan Army commandos. For leadership actions in combat operations, he was recommended by his commanding officer to be given a Queens commission from the rank of sergeant to lieutenant upon his return from Afghanistan. He then attended infantry officer training at the Canadian Combat Training centre in which he was the top officer in his training. He was awarded the Commandants sword for his Leadership. Todd retired from the Canadian Armed Forces as a Captain in 2016. After his tours, he was diagnosed with severe and Chronic PTSD and major Depressive Disorder in 2014 so was medically released. During the years between his initial diagnosis and his release, Todd was basically non-functioning because of his mental health injuries. He could barley leave his basement and had a hard time just completing normal tasks. However, Todd decided to change his story and worked hard through therapy and travelled the world spending his own money seeking ways to heal himself. After meeting Tony Robbins, Wim Hof, Mater Co out of China (to name a few) Todd got his life back together and created a new story. When he first left the military, he opened his own financial planning business with Investors Group and had two very successful years. However, he kept being drawn back to his roots in the military and his fellow veterans due to the suffering he was witnessing. He has now personally lost 17 friends to suicide and this ate at his very soul. In January of 2018 Todd launched his new Business called Pathfinder Strategies. This is his mission in life, to help others learn the strategies he used to help heal themselves. Todd was recently diagnosed with Post Traumatic Growth and truly believes that he can show others how to change their story and heal themselves. Pathfinder Strategies is a Strategic Intervention coaching as well as Transition coaching for military and first responders leaving their former employment.   He is a certified Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention coach. Todd is proud that since starting his practice earlier this year he has personally help intervene in eight suicidal veterans who have reached out to him. He was able to help them through their darkness and get their own life back, helping them create a compelling future. He supports many non-profit groups such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Muscular Dystrophy, the Fredericton East Science Centre, cooking for cancer and volunteers his time to bring issues such as domestic violence against women to the attention of his own community. Todd currently resides in Oromocto New Brunswick with his girlfriend, Stephanie and his two young step children Jozi 10 and Jaxon 7.