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Psychology tries to heal your mind which is NOT you. I heal your soul, the truth of who you are



Do you know the difference between a fact and a truth? They are very different things. The fact of the matter is that you are either in a mans or women’s body not considering any other factors. The truth is that you are half your Mother and Father. Truth is never a fact truth is much more subtle and even paradoxical when contrasted with facts. Find your own truth go within. I know your ego doesn’t like you to meditate and go within because it means it’s death. Don’t listen to it stay strong and start believing in yourself. There is an inner child within you that wants you to see how magical this world is. This is how you inherit your birthright, the Kingdom of Heaven within by learning to control the stress and anger in your life through meditation and breathing. This is what I do. I am also a fully certified RMT Strategic Intervention coach which helps me to also understand your human needs Psychology. Send me an email and book you walk with me. Only privately coaching a very select few people right now. My energy work is open to all of you!

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